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Restructured Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


May 20, 2021


Notice to all concerned: It is of necessity that I, Joseph F Smith, President of the Restructured Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, have placed the following ministry under silence: Apostle Samuel Gould, and Apostle Peter Gould. They have chosen to operate contrary to the design and purpose of the Restructured Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This situation will remain until reconciliation can be made.



President of the High Priesthood

Restructured Church of Jesus Christ

Business Meeting Minutes

Part 1 of 2

Conference April 3, 2021


The meeting was called to order by Prophet and President Joseph F. Smith. He requested that the first order of business be the offering of an opening prayer, which Samuel Gould offered immediately. The next order of business was the nomination and election of a conference Chairman. Joseph F. Smith and Jeffrey Johnson were nominated and Jeff Johnson was elected. Darlene Crosby was nominated and elected as Secretary for the conference by vote of acclamation.


Previously, Edwin Geiersbach who held the office of Recorder had resigned from the quorum of the Restructured Church; therefore, a new recorder needed to be selected. The recorder keeps track of the membership and things submitted from the branches such as baptisms, marriages, etc. According to section 17 of the Doctrine and Covenants the office needs to be held by an Elder. Nominations were: Elder Kent Crosby (declined), Apostle Albert Fike Jr, Apostle Samuel Gould, and Elder Kenneth Soper. Elected was Brother Kenneth Soper.

Resolution on the recognized scriptures. Back on Feb 15, 2020, the quorums met and a discussion was held on the approved scripture of the Restructured Church. They agreed to seek to find the truth of all things. Jeff Johnson read the motion that was made by the quorums on this particular topic: We proclaim “as scripture the Inspired version of The Bible, The Book of Mormon, and the revelations brought through Joseph Smith Jr, Joseph Smith III, and every word that proceedeth forth from the mouth of God as approved by the voice of the church, in as much as they are in harmony with prior scripture.” That motion was presented to all of the quorums and it was unanimously agreed to present that resolution to the conference body. Peter Gould was asked to formulate the resolution and present it to the body. This was the first conference held since the pandemic. Brother Peter presented the following:

To the April 2021 conference of this Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints restructured April 6, 2019, Greetings:

In as much as our previous conference in 2019, appointed to me by the request of our brother Joseph F. Smith to prepare a statement relative to the accepted standard scriptures of this church, and in as much as the leading quorums including the presidency, the apostles and high priests and elders of this church have resolved in the intervening time the following statement that:

“We proclaim as a body of scripture, the Inspired version of The Bible, The Book of Mormon, and the revelations brought thru Joseph Smith Jr, Joseph III, and every word that proceedeth forth from the mouth of God approved by the voice of the body of the Restructured Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and inasmuch as they are in harmony with prior scriptures and in harmony with the leadings of the Holy Spirit.” (that's all a direct quote of the resolution that Jeff just read).

Therefore, be it resolved that: we concur with this statement of the leading quorums in our acceptance as a body of scripture” The inspired version of The Bible (variously known as the “Joseph Smith translation” of the Holy Bible and the “Holy Scriptures”) The Book of Mormon, and the revelations brought through Joseph Smith Jr, and Joseph Smith III (which have been published in the Book of Commandments in 1833 and the book of Doctrine & Covenants in 1835 and thereafter) and in addition to these sacred writings: We accept as scripture “every word that proceedeth forth from the mouth of God as approved by the voice of the body of this Restructured Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in as much as they are in harmony prior scripture and harmony with the leadings of the Holy Spirit.” To God, and our Lord Jesus Christ be all glory, honor, power and dominion, forever. Amen.

Samuel Gould moved to accept the resolution as ready by Peter Gould. Albert Fike Jr. seconded. The motion carried (with a vote of 15 to 1).

It was formally announced that Gary Metzger, Ed Geiersbach, and Buddy Ormsbee resigned from the Quorum of Apostles in the Restructured Church. This announcement was for general information and no action needs to be taken.

There are four items of old business needing to be presented to the quorums prior to the next conference:

  1. Procedure for priesthood calls.

  2. If members of a restoration group want a Patriarchal blessing, who do they go to?

  3. Is bestowal of the Holy Ghost required before receiving a Patriarchal Blessing? If so, why?

  4. Who is responsible for organizing quorums in areas outside the USA; like Brazil, Honduras and Kenya?


Because there has been no consensus on these items, they need to be presented to the quorums, discussed and finalized, then if there needs to be any action they would be brought to the next conference.


Samuel Gould moved that all the revelations that have been given through Joseph Fredrick Smith pass through the quorums (beginning with the President's quorum then passed to the Apostles, then to the High Priesthood, then to the Elders, then to the Priests, Teachers, and Deacons) for approval and presented to the membership at the next conference. This would begin around 1995 with the revelation given to Waldo Church and include everything that is published (published is defined as Joseph recorded the revelation and sent it to others). Peter Gould seconded and after brief discussion the motion carried (with a vote of 14 in favor and two on Zoom were opposed).

Tyler Crowell resolved that this conference accept The Sealed Book of Mormon as the word of God and scripture. Samuel Gould seconded but questioned whether the motion was out of order since it had not gone through the quorums yet. Joseph Smith commented that this issue needs to be studied carefully and he suggested selecting two people to speak in favor of this motion and two people to speak against this motion. Then let the conference decide whether it should be sent to the quorums or rejected. No one was opposed to Joseph's suggestion. Brothers Tyler Crowell and Samuel Gould spoke in favor of the motion and Brother Brian Marshall and Sister Darlene Crosby spoke against the motion. Each speaker was given 15 minutes to speak. At the end of an hour fewer than two thirds of the people were ready to vote; therefore, further discussion was needed. It was moved and seconded that we adjourn and return to the discussion at 1:30 p.m. The motion carried.


Restructured Church of Jesus Christ

Business Meeting Minutes

Part 2 of 2

Conference April 3, 2021


At 1:30 p.m., the meeting reconvened and discussion continued regarding the referral of The Sealed Book being scripture to the quorums. After brief discussion the motion carried (with 16 in favor and 2 opposed).

The next item of new business was the selection of dates for the next conference. It was noted that we should have two conferences per year; one in the vicinity of April 6th and the other in October. Brother Samuel Gould moved to have Friday October 15th as a travel day and start the conference on October 16th and finish on October 17th . Brother Albert Fike Jr. seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

It was noted that we would hold the conference at the same location provided it is available. Also, that we will continue to use Zoom for both the conference and quorum meetings.


Then it was noted that Ken Soper is President of the Elders' Quorum in The First Branch in Zion.

The President of the Priest's quorum has not been established although we have Brian Marshall and Stephen Gould as well as 2 Priests in Kenya and 1 in Brazil. Thus, due to location and distance there could be various Priest's quorums since one quorum does not need to be filled before another one is started. It was recommended that Brian and Stephen meet to decide who will be President and then create a link to the other Priest's quorums since the law should go out from Zion. Samuel Gould mentioned that there needs to be a link between the Quorum Presiding officers in Zion and the Presiding officers in the various mission fields. No motion was needed. There are no Teachers or Deacons in The Restructured Church at this time so until there are, those quorums do not exist yet.

Jeff Johnson mentioned how the location for this conference was chosen. After a lengthy discussion,

Peter Gould moved that we appoint Albert Fike Jr. as the High Priest in Zion and as trustee to open an account for the purpose of gathering funds to provide a Headquarters building in the Center Place. Elaine Gould seconded. Albert Fike Jr. gave his testimony. Peter testified that he was instructed by the Lord to bring some funds with him but he was not sure why until this moment. He felt that he was to make a down payment as a commitment to this work and purpose. After discussion, Joseph Smith called the question of being ready to vote. Nine were in favor but five were not, which was not two thirds so the question failed. After further comments and discussion the motion carried [with 17 votes in favor (12 in Zion, 5 on zoom), none opposed]. Checks for the building fund should be written to the trustee, Albert Fike Jr.


Joseph wanted to lead us through some scriptures regarding what is coming and what the Lord is going to do:

In section 1:3b of the Doctrine & Covenants. “Prepare ye, prepare ye for that which is to come.”

Habbakuk 1:5 “Behold ye among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvelously; for I will work a work in your days, which ye will not believe, though it be told you.” He is speaking to Israel scattered among the Kingdom. Who is that today? USA.

Isaiah 10:12 “Wherefore it shall come to pass, that, when the Lord hath performed his whole work upon Mount Zion and upon Jerusalem, I will punish the fruit of the stout heart of the king of Assyria, and the glory of his high looks.” Yes, when the Lord has finished His work in Israel & in Judah. We are Israel. That is the same work Habbakuk was talking about. Now go to the Book of Mormon.

1 Nephi 3:213-215 “Therefore, wo, be unto the Gentiles, if it so be that they harden their hearts against the Lamb of God; (214) For the time cometh, saith the Lamb of God, that I will work a great and a marvelous work among the children of men; (215) A work which shall be everlasting, either on the one hand or on the other;” This is a time when YOU have to make a decision. It's not going to be a question of whether you had time to sit down and figure it out. You're going to have to decide because He is going to reserve some people and He's going to destroy some people. This is what's coming brothers and sisters. This is why I said earlier, we need to build our faith strong and come under the umbrella of the grace of God because this is what's coming.

Isaiah 4:2-4 “And it shall come to pass, they that are left in Zion, and he that remaineth in Jerusalem, shall be called holy, even everyone that is written among the living in Jerusalem; (3) When the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion, and shall have purged the blood of Jerusalem from the midst thereof by the spirit of judgment, and by the spirit of burning.” All of these old prophets saw the same thing. They just told it in their own way. What Habbakuk said was there was going to be a work in our day. And what Isaiah said was that when He has finished His work in Zion and in Jerusalem that He will punish the one who brought the trouble on us. And then he said you're going to be one of two things: you're going to be either in the spared part or you're going to be in the destroyed part. This is what we have in front of us. This is why I encourage you to lay aside our differences. Let's find that common ground that he gave us 25 years ago that commands us to find common ground and begin to worship together and to begin to build a house that we can call our own, and call it The Lord's House. A place where we can gather to. This is what's coming. Either to eternal life and peace thereafter or destruction. That's what the question is going to be. This, brothers and sisters, is what I have been so adamant about. I enjoyed what Elaine said because, yes, this would give us a chance to bond together. We have something to build together. Because we are going to have to come together and support each other not only spiritually but physically.

Samuel Gould moved that we adjourn this meeting with a song and a prayer and meet together tomorrow at 8:20 at the same place. Joseph Smith seconded. The motion carried and the meeting concluded with the singing of Hymn #366, Oh For a Faith that Will Not Shrink. Peter Gould offered the benediction.



Respectfully Submitted,

Darlene Crosby



Holden, MO 10-18-19


The Opening Business Session, Holden Missouri, for Friday, October 18, 2019, began at 3:30 PM with the singing of Hymn #322, Apostle Jeff Johnson presiding.



  1. The first order of business was the Introduction of Church Leadership, namely: President Joseph F. Smith, Apostle Tyler Crowell, Apostle Ed Geiersbach, Apostle (& Counselor to the President) Peter Gould, Apostle Samuel Gould, Apostle Jeffrey Johnson, Apostle Gary Metzger, Apostle Leroy Ormsbee, and Patriarchs David Bronson and Richard March.

Prophet (President) Joseph Smith interjected that Albert D. Fike Jr.’s call for apostle-ship would be presented at Saturday’s Business Session.



2. The second order of business was the Election/Sustaining of Conference Chairman, Secretary, etc. Nominations were made for Apostle Jeff Johnson and President Joseph Smith, however President Joseph Smith declined and, through a show of hands for support, Apostle Jeff Johnson was nominated as Conference Chairman.

Nominations for Conference Secretary included Apostle Samuel Gould, Apostle Tyler Crowell, Stephen Gould and Patti Smith. After a show of hands for each nominee, Patti Smith was presented as Conference Secretary.



  1. The third agenda item was the Adoption of Rules of Procedure for Business. Chairman Jeff Johnson brought to our attention that we are to conduct ourselves with the leading of the Holy Spirit, using Roberts Rules of Order secondly, only if and as needed. Jeff clarified that should he need to step down, he would ask Apostle Peter Gould to chair. This vote was again passed with raised hands.



4. Our fourth agenda item was the Adoption of Voting Privileges for Business. Chairman Johnson clarified that voting was extended to all members in attendance, one vote per person. There were no objections; these voting privileges were adopted by a show of hands.



5. The final agenda item was the Presentation of Agenda Items and the Business Session Schedule:

*Presentation of Albert Fike Jr.’s Call to Apostle, etc.


*Ordination of Albert Fike Jr., etc.





*Recognition of Restructured Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and DBA Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

*Recognition/Temporary Adoption of FTCOZUB (“For The Cause Of Zion–USA–Brazil”) as financial arm for Restructured Church

*Presentation/Review/Approval of Budget

*Relation of Restructured Church to Brazil Group/Study Centers



Chairman Johnson noted that if there are other items to be addressed, he asks the members to bring these items to either Joseph, Jeff, or any of the apostles. There were no follow-up questions.

Chairman Johnson next asked the membership if anyone had any questions or concerns that needed to be addressed at this time.

—Alyce Kyser questioned how our tithing would be taken care of.

—Chairman Johnson explained that FTCOZUB, or For The Cause of Zion-USA-Brazil, was formed before the Conference for various church activities and was organized to gather church funds for use of the Restructured Church for mission efforts, conference needs (new sound equipment), etc., although recognition is now on a temporary basis.

—Apostle Leroy Ormsbee made a point of clarification: No funds are now being sent to Brazil; however, $8975 was gathered and held to transfer to Brazil about one month ago. Currently, FTCOZUB is no longer accepting funds for Brazil, although members are at liberty to continue sending funds to Brazil.

—Secretary Smith asked that individuals give their full name before presenting items to the Conference.

—Apostle Gary Metzger invited individuals to make a baptismal covenant if they have not yet done so. Also, for those who have fallen away, we invite prayers for those individuals and, if there are individuals who would like visits from priesthood for clarification of questions, etc., we would do so. We invite all to come and participate and gather together.

—Chairman Johnson added: Even Christ gave the invitation but didn’t force anyone. We are unique because we believe in promoting the cause of Zion.

—Apostle Ormsbee asked that we include an Historian as an agenda item.

—Chairman Johnson admitted that he had not thought of that.

—President Smith explained that Apostle Peter Gould earlier had asked about assisting President Smith and has already begun this effort.

—Apostle Peter explained that he had earlier asked Joseph if he could assist him and mentioned that a Church Historian was lacking. President Smith supported Peter’s efforts in this attempt. Apostle Peter explained that he does not have a “work in progress” to share as yet, and he’s having difficulty doing so “after-the-fact,” but he is attempting this cumbersome work—however not progressing as quickly as he’d like. Peter mentioned he is willing to continue laboring in this aspect but he would not be opposed to someone else accepting this responsibility.

—Apostle Ormsbee requested the Chairman ask for a show of support for Brother Peter.

—Chairman Johnson asked for and received a show of support with the raising of hands.

—President Smith suggested perhaps Apostle Crowell could assist Apostle Peter with the history—moving forward, as Apostle Peter continues to labor over previous Conference history.

—Apostle Crowell asked if this was agreeable and Apostle Peter heartily said yes.

—Chairman Johnson asked for a vote of support and it was given with raised hands.

—Kent Crosby presented a procedural question regarding the vote of a different Chairman and Secretary for each Conference.

—Chairman Johnson clarified that a Chairman and Secretary would be voted upon for each Conference business session. ... The question was proposed as to the Chairman needing to be an apostle or a high priest, and Chairman Johnson clarified that it isn’t necessary but that the Chairman must have sufficient knowledge of our proceedings. It would, however, be preferable to have a member of the Presidency or Quorum, but it is not essential.

—Don Terry addressed his concern regarding the formation of an Elders Quorum.

—Chairman Johnson explained that this was a previous agenda item that was not addressed at the last Conference, stating that the goal is to eventually address all Quorums.

—Apostle Peter Gould asked if we had a working membership list and if we needed to have a church Recorder to do this.

—Chairman Johnson explained that a Recorder was appointed during an Apostles Quorum: Apostle Ed Geiersbach.

—Apostle Geiersbach confirmed that he had the records and that they are up to date.

—Apostle Metzger asked if, as a body, we would sustain this action (Recorder) of the Apostles Quorum.

—Chairman Johnson asked for and received, with a show of hands, a vote to sustain Ed Geiersbach for Recorder.

—Apostle Peter Gould asked if we have the current rolls from Kenya?

—Apostle Metzger responded affirmatively and believes Brother Samuel has sent them as of today. They consist of three branches with around 40 members per branch. The names are being referenced to each branch. There are no individual addresses noted. The plan is to have each branch listed separately so additional members can be added. If we need something else, Apostle Metzger asked that the Conference let him know.

—Apostle Peter asked that we acquire the birthdate or age of each member.

—Gene Mitchell asked for clarification regarding the status of Patriarch Bronson.

—President Smith explained that he had chosen Brother David Bronson to be his second advisor/counselor but it was mentioned to him that perhaps this would be a heavy burden for Brother Bronson, in addition to his serving within the office of Patriarch.

—Apostle Samuel requested rosters be turned in to Apostle Ed from Kenya, which list items for Baby Blessings, etc. He asked if we are sending baptismal or membership cards, as has been done in the past through the Temple Lot Church, adding that priest-hood cards have also been requested from Kenya.

—President Smith said that we do not have them here but the members in Kenya should receive their licenses.

—Apostle Metzger said that this would be discussed later in the Elders Quorum and suggested that we send them a model for these cards.

—Chairman Johnson suggested we send them an example of what we are currently using, for them to reconstruct for their use.

—Apostle Ed spoke regarding Apostle Peter’s question about adding the age to the membership roll, stating he would have to refer to Brothers Sam and Gary to see whether or not this is possible.

—Apostle Sam stated that if we follow Gary’s recommendation, we can add the age to the form and they can fill them out individually. We would also require the full name of the person and who ordained them.

—Chairman Johnson interjected that we could send a “Certificate of Ordination” and what we use here for priesthood office.

—Apostle Metzger replied that this is what he promised them.

—Apostle Samuel stated we should follow current protocol for priesthood calls, running them through President Joseph before we take action within the Conference for priesthood calls for elder and above.

—Brian Marshall voiced his concern about Kenya being a Third World country, and poor. He suggested we be cautious in our assumption of their ability to make these copies, which they may not be able to do.

—Chairman Johnson thanked him and mentioned that “what we send” will need to be translated. He asked Brothers Samuel and Gary to look into this further to fulfill that need.

—Apostle Samuel responded that those who are currently elders in Kenya are able to do this, affirming that we’ve supplied them with computers and that they can put this information into their database, stating also that they’ve been very good at recordkeeping; They may not have the money, but they can do some things. And many speak some English.

—President Smith noted that we appreciate the work being done in Kenya and asked that we consider our need to solidify the foundation that is being built.

—Connie MacDonald introduced a text message question regarding members who have signed registration cards with the Restructured Church and are being considered for priesthood, asking how we go about ordaining them?

—Apostle Ormsbee asked if they were American or Canadian citizens, and Connie responded that they are currently US citizens. Apostle Ormsbee suggested he or another priesthood member could get together with them to review their situation and to work through this process.

—Connie MacDonald mentioned a second text question regarding members who are requesting their Patriarchal Blessing.

—Chairman Johnson mentioned that we have a Patriarch Evangelist (Richard Marsh) in that area; there is no reason he cannot do this.

—Apostle Samuel noted that he would also like to go there, and he shared an experience where someone within the Temple Lot Church was not recognized and Brother Samuel was moved by the Spirit in this matter.

—President Smith mentioned the need for a second opinion, stating that through prayer, the Lord showed him he had to confirm the person first (Rick Martin assisted), before they received their Patriarchal Blessing. President Smith encouraged the confirmation of members for those desiring to be a part of this body.

—Apostle Metzger said “Amen,” stating it should be required, not preferred.

—Brian Marshall asked that Brother Joseph expound about his meaning regarding foundations (which Brother Joseph did after the service).

—Patriarch David Bronson stated all priesthood calls should evolve through revelation and be confirmed. Regarding the question of priesthood licensing, are we doing business as the Church of Christ or Restructured Church?

—Chairman Johnson said this would be addressed at the Saturday afternoon Conference.

—Brother Smith clarified, that the answer to that question is, “Yes.” We will be issuing new priesthood licenses; stating that this issue will be addressed tomorrow afternoon.

—Chairman Johnson asked if there were other questions or comments.

—Stephen Gould asked about the organization of the Elders Quorum, asking specifically, “Is it on the agenda to organize it and other priesthood Quorums?”

—President Smith spoke, “One of the problems we have is lack of membership; there are so many different geographical areas, but we are working on it.”

—Chairman Johnson stated that the D&C states 96 elders are required for a quorum. Would it be wise and fair, no matter where they are geographically located?

—President Smith spoke regarding various scattered groups. Elders are to work together to promote the movement but also to coordinate actions with the main body of elders. We meet together at Conference and select a Secretary, President, etc., of that quorum.

—Chairman Johnson asked if there were other questions regarding quorums.

—Stephen Gould asked if we were going to take up the issue of what we consider scriptures, in any of the business meetings?

—Apostle Peter Gould shared that he will bring future proposals for us to consider.

—Apostle Metzger remarked, “As we proceed, proposal items should be printed earlier so people can study and pray over them.” The Chairman responded that items for this business session are in the back and on the website; they decided not to print them because at the last Conference, 30 copies were discarded. Chairman Johnson will give Secretary Smith a copy for her records.

—Chairman Johnson remarked that should someone require a hard-copy, he will provide one for them.

—Stephen Gould asked if we have a procedure for adding agenda items for the future?

—Chairman Johnson remarked that in the past, these have been added to the Old/New Business Items of our agenda, which is a good time to make a motion for their being brought forth.

—Don Terry had a question regarding these future agenda items.

—Chairman Johnson mentioned that there is already a table set up in the back with a wicker basket to hold question cards for agenda items to be addressed during the Conference session. He also clarified that there will be no collections made at this Conference; also, he will bring any donations to his father, who is our official Treasurer.

—Apostle Ormsbee spoke to Stephen Gould’s previous question: within new business items, should we elect the Chairman for the next Conference; also, should business items go through the Chairman?

—Chairman Johnson clarified that anyone within the body can offer items for discussion by contacting the pastor, or any member of the Quorums or Apostles. He’d also like this item placed on the next agenda and discussed, stating, “We don’t consider any item frivolous. Placing an item on the agenda does not, however, ensure that the item will be discussed (as in the example of the agenda item of the Elders Quorum from last Conference). No item is trivial—each will be addressed when possible.”

—Chairman Johnson asked: “If there are no other questions, then I’d like for us to close for visiting and dinner and to resume at 6:30 PM for the Song Service. Apostle Leroy Ormsbee will give the spoken word this evening, followed by a campfire in the basement (for fellowship). All are invited. We will close with Hymn #404—Teach Me Thy Way O Lord. And our closing prayer will be by Apostle Leroy Ormsbee.”


Respectfully submitted,

Patti Smith, Conference Secretary


Holden, MO 10-18-19